Struggling Ranger Suarez and Growing Concerns in Phillies Pitching Staff against Cubs

Twice this week, the Phillies have experienced a starting pitcher leave the game in less than an inning. Sunday’s game may require another appearance from the bullpen. The team relied on Ranger Suarez in Friday’s series opener against the Chicago Cubs, needing him to last longer than usual. However, Suarez only managed to make it through six outs in the 10-1 loss, resulting in his third loss of the season. The team’s rotation currently has a 5.06 ERA through 44 games, far above the league average of 4.50. The Phillies have an option in Bailey Folter, who has a 6.53 ERA and the best walk rate in a decade, but he is still building himself up after an elbow injury.

Suarez struggled in Friday’s game and appeared to be trying to find a particular pitch. Phillies’ manager Rob Thomson attributed this to possible fatigue and the fact that Suarez has recently returned from an injury. The team cannot afford to wait long for Suarez to get back on track, especially with seven games looming against the Braves and Mets at the end of the month. There are few options for an internal starter aside from Falter, and top prospects are still a few months away from contributing at the major league level.

The Phillies’ bullpen has been strained, causing the team to concede a goal or a clean sheet in their ninth innings more than a fifth of the time this season. The team has also struggled at the plate, going 2-for-42 with runners in scoring position in their last five games, all of which they lost. Trea Turner has gone 0-for-4 with a .592 OPS and seven walks in her last 25 games.

Despite these struggles, Thomson remains optimistic that the team will improve as they continue to play together. He emphasized the importance of getting to know the personalities of the people in the clubhouse and the coaching staff. The team is currently in a tough spot, but they must push through and come out victorious.

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