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Struggling with a lack of intimacy in your marriage? These solutions can help


Nov 20, 2023

Sex and its role in relationships is a commonly debated topic, regardless of whether you are married or in a long-term relationship. It often raises questions about the importance of sex and whether a relationship can thrive without it. According to Courtney Boyer, a relationship and sexuality expert, the importance of sex depends on the purpose of the relationship. Marriages often put a lot of emphasis on sex, but it is not always a requirement for success.

Historically, marriage was not based on love or sex, and sex was primarily for procreation. Boyer believes that a relationship can work without sex, as long as both parties agree to the terms. Kate Moyle, a sex and relationship expert, emphasizes the importance of negotiating differences in sexual needs through clear expectations and open communication.

Another key factor for a successful relationship is honesty, openness, trust, vulnerability, and love. It is important to create a safe and loving environment based on individual needs and desires. If a couple desires to bring passion back into the bedroom or explore their sexual desires, Courtney suggests having an open conversation with a partner to address and identify any unmet needs.

In conclusion, the discussion surrounding the role of sex in relationships continues to evolve. Modern relationships do not always adhere to traditional expectations, and it is imperative to communicate openly, establish clear expectations, and create a loving and secure environment based on individual needs and desires.

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