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Study shows that 80% of Asian employees are vulnerable to experiencing mental health issues


Sep 20, 2023

A new report from insurance brokers Aon and Telus Health reveals that employees in Asia are facing a significant mental health burden. The report shows that 82% of employees in Asia develop moderate to severe mental health problems, with 35% at high risk and 47% at moderate risk. This is a much higher risk compared to other regions of the world and can lead to reduced work productivity, anxiety, and depression. The survey conducted among 13,000 employees in Asia found that 45% of employees believe their mental health negatively impacts their productivity at work.

The report highlights that mental or emotional problems, including depression and anxiety, are prevalent across all industries and locations in Asia. Factors contributing to this include economic uncertainty, cost of living challenges, rising healthcare costs, and the effects of climate change. Stigma associated with mental health has traditionally been higher in Asia, leading to concerns about career options if employees disclose their mental health problems to their employers.

The report also emphasizes the importance of organizations providing support systems for employees. Ignoring the impact of mental health can result in high costs for businesses, including medical leave, long-term disability, presenteeism, and turnover. In Singapore, for example, anxiety and depression are costing the country around $12 billion in lost productivity.

Financial insecurity is closely linked to mental well-being, especially in today’s economic environment, where employees are struggling with rising costs. The report suggests that organizations should offer educational programs to help employees build healthier financial habits and provide access to confidential counseling. Face-to-face support is preferred by employees, and clear and repeated advertising of available resources is crucial in helping employees find appropriate care.

Overall, the report calls for a focus on employee well-being in the workplace to maintain high levels of engagement and productivity. It urges organizations to recognize the costs of doing nothing and to prioritize the mental health of their employees.

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