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Studying Xi Jinping Thought Is Not Beneficial for China’s Economy


Nov 20, 2023

China’s President Xi Jinping has made great efforts to explain his governing philosophy to those within the Chinese government. His thoughts and ideas on various topics are considered essential reading for politicians, civil servants, and employees of state-owned enterprises. They are required to participate in regular study sessions on Xi Jinping Thought, read his books, and submit papers on their understanding of his teachings.

Despite the efforts to educate and align the bureaucracy with Xi’s ideology, it is becoming evident that the extensive time spent studying his thoughts has not produced the intended mental clarity among his subordinates. The autocratic government, which once operated with decisiveness and was instrumental in transforming China into an economic powerhouse, has now seen a decline in its operational efficiency.

This suggests that the hours devoted to studying Xi’s teachings have not translated into improved government functioning in practice. The loss of operational efficiency is a significant departure from the government’s previous effectiveness and raises questions about the practical implications of Xi’s governing philosophy on the day-to-day functioning of the Chinese government.

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