“Success Stories of Professionals after Divorce”

Divorce attorneys play a crucial role in managing and coordinating a team of experts to support their client’s story during a divorce case. To achieve the best results, it’s important to have a team of experts who can provide compelling evidence and testify on behalf of the client before family judges. In Connecticut, a variety of professionals may be called upon to help in divorce cases, including forensic accountants, mental health professionals, real estate appraisers, computer experts, and other professional appraisers.

Expert testimony is essential in providing a foundation of facts and evidence to support the client’s story, so it’s important to coordinate a qualified team of credible experts who have experience testifying in court. Expert opinion also informs and helps design approaches to discovery. Professionals must define and assess complex financial assets, value real estate, analyze tax consequences, evaluate parenting skills and mental health, and determine earning capacity.

Private investigators may also be involved in cases to investigate infidelity, hidden assets, improper conduct related to child custody and support, cohabitation of ex-spouses, and criminal records. Divorce cases in Connecticut can be complex, especially in wealthy towns and communities in lower Fairfield County.

A critical role of a divorce attorney is to assemble a customized team of experts to present a meaningful story that supports the client’s vision on key issues in the divorce dispute. Melissa Needle is a lifelong Connecticut resident and the founder of Needle Cuda, a Westport-based law firm specializing in divorce and family law for over 30 years. She can be contacted at 203-557-9500 or through her company’s website at www.needlecuda.com.

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