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Support and Tips for Students: Remember, You’re Not Alone in Your Mental Health Journey


Sep 18, 2023

Starting college can bring about a range of emotions, and for Christopher Royal ’26, the first couple of months were filled with extreme homesickness. After the initial excitement wore off, he began questioning his decision and wanted to give up. However, with encouragement from his fraternity brothers, he decided to seek help from the counseling center. Meeting with counselor Jamie Douglas gave him the confidence to continue. With counseling, he learned healthy coping strategies and improved his decision-making skills.

Royal’s experience is not uncommon among college students. According to the Healthy Minds survey, over 60% of college students nationwide meet criteria for at least one mental health problem. Wabash College reported that 15% of their surveyed students showed symptoms of moderate depression, 12% experienced moderate anxiety, and 12% had suicidal thoughts. Counseling services offered by the college have been crucial in supporting students’ mental health. The counseling center provides free and confidential professional counseling, with minimal wait times for appointments.

In recent years, there has been an increase in students advocating for mental health awareness and support. Students have joined the Mental Health Concerns Committee and organized events to raise awareness. These grassroots efforts have proven to be impactful in breaking the stigma around mental health and encouraging students to seek help. Bennett Strain ’26, the Mental Health Concerns Commissioner Committee chair, emphasized that going to the counseling center is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Apart from counseling, Wabash College offers various resources to support students’ overall well-being. The Student Development and Wellness Coordinator organizes workshops, training sessions, and events focused on different dimensions of health. Peer Health Educators assist in coordinating wellness events, and initiatives like the Wabash Brothers Memorial 5K Walk and Run have been held to remember those who have lost their lives to suicide.

Tristen Abbott, the Wellness Coordinator, emphasizes the normalization of mental health conversations and breaking down the stigma. With grant support, she works to navigate resources and promote overall well-being.

Christopher Royal looks back on his own journey with mental health and acknowledges the progress he has made. He is proud to be part of a college culture that prioritizes student well-being. However, he believes there is always more that can be done to support his fellow students. His goal is to make a positive impact and raise awareness about available resources.

The Wabash Counseling Center provides some tips for a successful school year, which include prioritizing sleep, keeping commitments, managing time effectively, nurturing a healthy support system, learning to manage emotions, being aware of the risks of drug use, and seeking help early when needed. Successful students take advantage of the academic and wellness programs offered by the college.

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