Surfing Comes to New York Courtesy of Paragon Sports and Station RBNY

Two specialist retailers have joined forces to bring surfing to Manhattan, as New York City sporting goods retailer Paragon Sports teamed up with Station RBNY to open a dedicated surf shop on Broadway. With a 2,000-square-foot shelf space featuring equipment and apparel from a range of surf brands, the store is the first to have a large footprint dedicated to surfing in New York City. As well as catering to commuters travelling into Queens’ Far Rockaway neighbourhood, the two brands are looking to tap into a consumer base they believe has been underserved by setting up shop-in-shop operations in the city.

The two retailers are also looking for ways to further unite their brands by planning bus trips to take customers from Manhattan to Rockaway, and offering an experiential link between the two locations to make surfing more accessible to New Yorkers. The idea behind this is to give people access to surfing and make it more convenient for city dwellers to travel to Rockaway, Long Beach or Jersey to experience the sport for themselves.

As part of the Station RBNY range, the store also provides lockers for surfers to store their gear while travelling to the water. There are many considerations for shoppers in this market, such as which trains to take and whether a particular line is running on any given day, as well as taking into account seasonal water temperatures and the implications of wearing a suit and tie back to the office after a day surfing. However, according to Nigel Lewis, founder of Station RBNY, these extra considerations are just part of being a surfer in New York City, with the commitment required being a key factor in driving sales.

Through their partnership, Paragon Sports and Station RBNY are working to provide a more accessible and diverse surfing community in the city. With Nigel Lewis championing accessible and inclusive surfing, the two retailers hope to serve a greater range of customers, whether they be women, members of the LGBTQ community, or those who may have felt alienated from the sport before. With their shared vision for the future of surfing, Paragon and Station RBNY plan to continue expanding their offering, and bringing new customers into the fold.

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