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Taiwan Earthquake Causes Swimming Pool Water to Create Massive Waves


Apr 4, 2024

The video was captured in Taiwan’s capital city, Taipei, where a massive earthquake struck on April 3, resulting in the death of nine individuals and injuries to over a thousand. The earthquake, which measured 7.4 on the Richter scale, caused significant damage to numerous buildings and triggered tsunami warnings that reached as far as Japan and the Philippines. Social media was inundated with dramatic footage showing buildings swaying, bridges trembling, and people seeking refuge.

Amid the chaos, a horrifying video of a rooftop swimming pool experiencing the earthquake waves went viral on various social media platforms. The clip depicts a man trapped in the pool as the heavy waves from the earthquake push him around. Despite the unsettling circumstances, the man manages to remain composed and does not shift from his spot. The footage was filmed in Taipei, as confirmed by the BBC.

Another video surfaced on social media showing water from a rooftop swimming pool cascading down a skyscraper like a waterfall during the earthquake. The visuals captured the intensity of the earthquake and its effects on different structures. The earthquake, according to the AFP news agency, is the most powerful one to hit Taiwan in 25 years, with authorities cautioning about potential aftershocks in the coming days.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences for the lives lost in the Taiwan earthquake through a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). He extended India’s solidarity to the resilient people of Taiwan as they cope with the aftermath of the disaster and work towards recovery. The earthquake in Taiwan is reported to be the strongest since 1999 when a 7.6 magnitude quake claimed the lives of 2,400 individuals.

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