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Taking Action: Dr. Monica Taylor Desi’s Perspective on Transforming Mental Health Care Awareness


Sep 16, 2023

Monica Taylor Desir, MD, MPH, DFAPA, the Director of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF), explains how APAF mental health care works and aims to overcome barriers by prioritizing mental health as much as physical health.

One of the barriers preventing people from seeking mental health care, even when they know services are available in their area, is the lack of understanding about what mental health professionals can do to address mental health concerns. Additionally, some individuals mistakenly believe that addressing their mental health is not as urgent as addressing their physical health. APAF recognizes the need to change this perception and ensure that mental health is given equal importance.

Another barrier is the confusion individuals face when trying to find the right treatment and how to contact a mental health provider. The system can often appear confusing and inaccessible, leading to hesitation in seeking help. Additionally, past experiences, attitudes, and biases can also influence a person’s willingness to seek mental health support.

To address these challenges, APAF has launched an awareness campaign focused on changing the conversation around mental health and encouraging individuals to prioritize their mental well-being. The campaign features three diverse stories and personas that highlight different stages of life and mental health conditions.

Lizzie, a young person, seeks help for her anxiety and finds relief, allowing her to return to skateboarding. Simone, a new mom, battles postpartum depression after giving birth to her baby. Lastly, Diego, a grandfather, seeks treatment for depression following the loss of his wife. These stories are intended to resonate with individuals who are struggling to find the help they need for their mental health.

Overall, APAF aims to bridge the gap between individuals in need and mental health services, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and providing support for various mental health conditions.

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