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Team Sabalenka Continues Putting in the Work Even with World No.1 Rank


Sep 6, 2023

In early 2022, it seemed like Anton Dubrov, the coach of Aryna Sabalenka, was going to step down from his role due to disagreements over fixing her serve. However, Sabalenka insisted that they work through the tough moments and come back stronger. Now, on Monday, Sabalenka will become the 29th player to hold the No.1 ranking in tennis, ending Iga Swiatek’s 75-week run at the top.

Tennis is a sport where even the best players can find a way to lose. Team Sabalenka knows that fortunes can change quickly, so they understand the need to bounce back after a loss and keep performing every week. This mentality has been integral to Sabalenka’s rise to the top of the game in the past year.

Despite her success, Sabalenka and her team are aware of the stress that comes with advancing deep in tournaments. Sabalenka has already played 58 matches this year, but her team has managed her practicing and recovery well, keeping her physically and mentally ready for the challenges ahead.

Dubrov, who used to play tennis himself, met Sabalenka when she was just 14 years old. He was impressed by her fighting spirit and aggressive playing style. Over time, he became a part of Team Sabalenka and eventually took on the role of coach. The biggest challenge for Dubrov has been managing Sabalenka’s volatile personality, especially now that she is at the top of the tennis ladder and facing more attention, pressure, and distractions.

As Sabalenka becomes the No.1 player, Dubrov emphasizes the need for her to focus on herself and continue working on improving her skills. He warns against becoming complacent and urges her to keep pushing herself to get better.

Overall, Sabalenka’s journey to the top of the tennis world has been filled with challenges, but her determination, along with the support of her team, has allowed her to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in her career.

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