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Telefónica’s innovative approach to television with Living Apps


Mar 26, 2024

Movistar Plus+ is focusing on Living Apps as it aims to reinvent television and cater to the demand for short content typical of social networks, especially from younger generations. Oriol Lloret, the director of Living Apps at Telefónica, recognizes the need to offer users a unique home experience through these integrated applications within the Movistar Plus+ menu.

In an interview with Europa Press, Lloret explains that the challenge is to adapt the language of content consumption to the expectations of modern users, similar to what they find on platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels. He describes this as an interactive zapping experience, where users can discover and interact with small content snippets before choosing what to watch in full.

One key aspect that sets Movistar Plus+ apart from other platforms is its role as an aggregator of content. With an abundance of content available, Telefónica aims to use innovation to enhance access to both its own and third-party content. By integrating Living Apps, the platform offers a more streamlined user experience, allowing users to explore a wide catalog of content in a more interactive and engaging way.

The collaboration with partners like LinkedIn Learning and The Royal Academy of History demonstrates how Living Apps can enrich the traditional television platform with extended experiences. It opens up new possibilities for users to engage with history, learn, and even shop for products directly from their TV screens. Meanwhile, the integration of gaming experiences and cloud services further enhances the platform’s offerings for users.

Overall, Living Apps serve as a gateway for Movistar Plus+ to transition into a more digital platform suited for the 21st century. By offering fluid interactions and agile updates, the platform aims to provide a unique and flexible user experience that stands out in the crowded streaming market. With plans to expand collaborations and offerings, Movistar Plus+ is committed to reshaping the television experience for its audience.

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