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Terrell Edmunds of the Eagles makes crucial forced fumble for the first time – NBC Sports Philadelphia


Sep 16, 2023

Eagles safety Terrell Edmunds had never forced a fumble in his 81 career games and over 4,900 defensive snaps, but he finally ended that streak during Thursday night’s game. In the second quarter, with the Eagles leading by three points, the Vikings were looking to take the lead. However, when receiver Justin Jefferson reached for the pylon, Edmunds managed to strip the ball, causing it to go through the end zone. The officials reviewed the play and confirmed the call, giving the Eagles possession at their own 20-yard line. This led to a successful 61-yard field goal by Jake Elliott, giving the Eagles a 13-7 lead going into halftime.

Edmunds expressed his excitement about the play, acknowledging its significance in preventing the Vikings from scoring and taking the lead. He emphasized that every play matters, even if some have more impact than others. Initially, Edmunds wasn’t certain if the ball made it out of the end zone, but he and his teammates signaled for a touchback, hoping for a favorable call. The fumble occurred after a 30-yard catch by Jefferson near the end of the first half. Both teams had their moments of success during that time, but ultimately, the replay confirmed that Jefferson fumbled the ball into the end zone.

Jefferson took responsibility for the fumble, acknowledging that it was a mistake on his part. Despite being the team captain, he accepted the blame and assured his teammates that it wouldn’t happen again. Prior to Thursday’s game, Edmunds was the only active defender in the league to have started without forcing a fumble. He expressed his eagerness to finally achieve this milestone and acknowledged that there is always room for improvement.

Edmunds’ forced fumble was one of the highlights of the night for the Eagles, as they recovered the ball four times in total. Avonte Maddox, Justin Evans, and Josh Sweat also contributed to the turnovers. This was the first time since October 2016 that the Eagles had forced four fumbles in a game. These turnovers played a crucial role in the Eagles’ success, and players like Fletcher Cox emphasized the team’s determination to create turnovers and regain possession for their offense.

In conclusion, Terrell Edmunds ended his fumbleless streak with a crucial play that helped the Eagles maintain their lead. The team’s ability to force turnovers proved to be a game-changer and played a significant role in their victory.

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