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The 100,000th Visitor is Welcomed to Science Gateway


Feb 13, 2024

Since its opening in October, the CERN Science Gateway has been averaging 1000 visitors per day. On February 6th, the centre welcomed its 100,000th visitor, Bavo Lens and Nicky Morren, who expressed their excitement about visiting CERN during their city break in Geneva. They praised the high-tech machines and the clear explanations given by the guides. The beautiful reception building and the informative exhibitions were also highlights of their visit.

The CERN Science Gateway, which opened on October 8, 2023, has been averaging 1000 visitors per day. The centre aims to engage visitors of all ages, including young children, and build an interest in science and technology. The facility offers activities such as “seeing the invisible” for children as young as five years old.

The Visits service at CERN extends a big “thank you” to all the guides who have contributed to the success of the Science Gateway. The dedication of the guides has been crucial in providing an inspiring experience for the visitors. The service also encourages those who have not yet become guides to consider joining the team and becoming part of the outreach and education efforts at CERN. The team assures support at every stage of the journey for those who take the first step.

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