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The Business Consequences of Aaron Rodgers’ Torn Achilles


Sep 14, 2023

On the latest episode of Sporticast, hosts Scott Soshnick and Eben Novi Williams delve into the week’s most significant sports business stories. One of the major topics discussed is Aaron Rodgers’ unfortunate Achilles tendon rupture, which has garnered a lot of attention during the offseason. The talented quarterback only managed to play in four games before the NFL season came to an end. This shocking injury holds various implications for businesses related to the NFL.

One of the repercussions is felt by the NFL itself and its broadcast partners. Prior to Rodgers’ injury, the league had planned to feature the New York Jets in numerous national and prime-time broadcast slots over the next few months. Out of the team’s first 12 games, eight were scheduled to be nationally broadcasted. However, with Rodgers out and the Jets’ chances of reaching the Super Bowl significantly dwindling, the hosts explore the possible changes that might occur in the broadcasting plans.

Another aspect discussed is the playing surface and its impact on injuries. While Rodgers suffered his injury on a grass field, there is a growing belief among players that grass fields are less safe compared to natural grass. The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) advocates for all teams to play on grass fields, but this would require costly compromises in collective bargaining. Artificial turf, which is cheaper and accommodates non-NFL events like sports competitions and concerts, is favored by some team owners, creating a divisive issue.

Additionally, the hosts touch on sportsbooks issuing refunds to bettors who placed prop bets on Rodgers. Finally, they conclude the episode with three other topics: the public offering of TKO Group, the new holding company for WWE and UFC; Deion Sanders’ impressive start at Colorado State; and Learfield, a university dealmaker that restructured its debt, eliminating over $600 million while acquiring $150 million in equity and assuming new ownership.

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