“The Coastland Times: One-on-One – A Memorable Sports Rivalry That Shook the World”

The World Almanac and Facts is a book that DG Martin buys every year. He enjoys reading about North Carolina and checking the “Famous North Carolinians” section to see if there are any changes from the previous year’s edition. This year’s list remains the same, featuring notable figures such as Michael Jordan, Richard Petty, and James Taylor.

DG also looks at the county-by-county results of recent presidential elections to spot any trends. Interestingly, larger counties tend to be more Democratic, while smaller counties tend to be Republican. However, the recent presidential election was very close in North Carolina.

Typically, North Carolina doesn’t receive much attention from The World Almanac and Facts. However, this year is different. North Carolina was mentioned in the “World Yearbook Editors’ Choice: Most Memorable Rival Showdowns” section, which includes 10 memorable sports competitions. Topping the list was the recent college basketball game between Duke and North Carolina, with North Carolina winning 81-77. The Almanac described the matchup as epic, with 18 lead changes and 12 ties.

As a former attorney and vice president of public relations for UNC-System, DG Martin is pleased to see a sports story from North Carolina featured in such an important publication. The inclusion of the Duke-North Carolina game in The World Almanac and Facts will please many sports fans, not just those in North Carolina.

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