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The Connection Between Maduro and Evangelicals in Venezuela and the Christian Movement


Mar 26, 2024

The Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela (Mocev) describes itself as a union of men and women who believe in God. Established in 2017, Mocev has become a prominent organization within the Venezuelan evangelical community, particularly during electoral periods. The movement claims to have the participation of several representatives from evangelical Christian churches in Venezuela, with around 5 thousand associated pastors in total. It also asserts that it has a presence in all 24 states of the country.

In the controversial 2018 Venezuelan presidential elections, Mocev openly supported the re-election of dictator Nicolás Maduro. During this time, the movement not only endorsed Maduro but also backed the continuity of the oppressive regime initiated by late dictator Hugo Chávez. This alliance between Mocev and the Maduro regime is not merely symbolic. The movement is led by Pastor Moisés García, who is a deputy in the National Assembly for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), of which Maduro is a member.

The relationship between Mocev and the Chavismo regime manifests publicly through religious events, government activities, and actions by the PSUV. During election periods, Mocev provides local evangelical leaders to hold rallies and campaign events that aim to attract support from evangelicals, especially the poorest members who are offered basic necessities and promises of government programs, some of which are not fulfilled.

Despite the support for Mocev from the Maduro regime, the Venezuelan Evangelical Council disagrees with the movement’s position. They advocate for the separation between State and Church and uphold the belief that not all Venezuelan evangelicals support Mocev’s stance. Another international movement, the Universal Church in Brazil, has expressed criticism of the Chavista regime, highlighting the complexity of religious and political affiliations in Venezuela.

In the midst of persecution and violence against Christians in Venezuela, Mocev’s alliance with the regime stands in stark contrast. Reports from the NGO Portas Abertas indicate that Venezuelan authorities crackdown on dissent within churches, posing a risk to religious leaders who speak out against the regime. Despite this, Maduro continues to court support from evangelicals, introducing new benefits and programs for the evangelical community ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

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