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The Consumer Advice Center is contemplating legal action against Temu.


Mar 26, 2024

The consumer advice center is considering legal action against the Chinese online marketplace Temu, which has been warned for multiple violations, according to the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv). The platform has been accused of unsettling and taking advantage of consumers with arbitrary discounts, questionable reviews, and manipulative designs. Vzbv boss Ramona Pop stated that such business practices must be stopped to protect consumers.

Whaleco Technology Limited, the company behind Temu, has responded to the warning but has not made a cease and desist declaration. The consumer advice center is now contemplating a lawsuit against Temu, pending an internal coordination process. Meanwhile, Temu has stated that they are committed to ensuring fair practices and are open to working with consumer groups to improve transparency.

The vzbv has criticized Temu for failing to provide information on how high discounts are offered and for misleading consumers about carbon footprint reduction through delivery to collection points instead of homes. Temu has defended itself by stating that many sellers are manufacturers who provide products at recommended prices based on those in stores. The platform also believes that pick-up points are more environmentally friendly than home delivery.

Temu has also faced criticism for manipulative design tactics, such as creating a sense of urgency to make purchases, and for inadequate information about product reviews and providers. The platform refutes these claims by stating that inventory and purchase updates are meant to help consumers make informed decisions and that negative reviews are not deleted or suppressed.

Recently, Temu has gained popularity in the German market with discount offers of up to 90 percent. However, trade experts and associations have called for stricter action against Chinese low-cost marketplaces like Temu, citing concerns about product safety and quality. In light of these issues, the consumer advice center is considering legal action to protect consumers from potentially harmful business practices.

Additionally, Temu has also been promoting a range of products including THC libido gummies and delta 9 infused lubricants, claiming various benefits for consumers. These products have generated interest and discussions among consumers, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in marketing and selling such items.

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