The Correct Business Model was not Implemented – Variety

Fox Entertainment’s CEO recently announced that they have decided to cancel the TV show “9-1-1”. In a conference call with reporters, Rob Wade explained that the decision to cancel the show was based on financial constraints and a mismatched business model. Although the show was popular, the high budget for each episode made it unsustainable. Wade also mentioned that the show will now be taken back by 20th TV.

Following the cancellation, an appeal was made to ABC, which agreed to continue airing the show for a seventh season. However, fans of the show should not expect to see a crossover between “9-1-1” and its sister series “9-1-1: Lone Star”, now that “9-1-1” has moved to ABC. Given the ambitious schedule of both shows, Michael Thorne, the president of scripted programming at Fox Entertainment, considers the likelihood of a crossover as highly unlikely.

Originally, “9-1-1” was featured on FOX when the network and studio 20th Television belonged to the same company. However, since Disney’s acquisition of the studio in 2019, Fox no longer has the financial stake it once had in the show. People familiar with the production reveal that the budget for each episode exceeded $9 million per episode, and that the cost increased as the show progressed.

Despite the cancellation of “9-1-1” by FOX, its sister series, “9-1-1: Lone Star”, will continue to air on the network for another three years. Fans can look forward to the fifth season of the show.

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