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The craze for pickleball fuels demand for shoes, apparel, and paddles


Sep 4, 2023

The popularity of pickleball is causing a surge in sales for equipment, tennis apparel, and shoes. Americans are increasingly investing in gear such as court shoes, pickleball balls, and cooling towels, as well as trendy tennis dresses and skirts. Retailers are taking notice, with running stores stocking up on pickleball shoes and Walmart expanding its inventory of paddles and balls. Even struggling malls are being transformed into indoor pickleball courts. This growing interest in the sport reflects a larger trend of integrating sports and lifestyle, similar to the popularity of yoga, aerobics, and jogging in the past. Moisture-wicking tennis skirts and versatile tank dresses are becoming popular streetwear options, with brands like Lululemon and Nike capitalizing on the trend. The popularity of pickleball is also fueling the growth of professional circuits and attracting endorsement deals with sportswear brands. As a result, pickleball participation has increased significantly in recent years. The unique appeal of pickleball lies in its mass participation appeal and its retail appeal, making it an enticing marketing opportunity for brands.

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