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The Democratic Party’s Response: From Wages to Schools


Nov 21, 2023

The Democratic party is working on an alternative maneuver to that of the government. The party’s secretary, Elly Schlein, met with his colleagues to discuss ideas for this alternative maneuver that will be presented to the national leadership. Schlein emphasized that the government’s maneuver cuts pensions and allocates nothing for education or public healthcare. The party is aiming to prioritize health, education, pensions, wages, and industrial policies to accompany ecological and digital conversion.

Amendments proposed by the Democrats will be presented today. The central point of the Dem proposal is the minimum wage. They are also proposing a tax credit for companies that cannot adapt to the minimum wage. The Dem’s counter-maneuver includes proposals for hiring in public administration, health care, and unblocking hiring to reduce waiting lists. Also included are provisions for scholarships, the rental fund for non-resident students, university operating funds, public transport, and education subsidies.

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