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The Emotional Meeting between the Parents of a Fallen Soldier and the Recipient of His Heart Transplant


Nov 21, 2023

Dr. Lena Korn Feldman, director of Beilinson Hospital, opened the emotional meeting and expressed her condolences to the Samo family. She accompanied Jonathan Samo from his initial arrival at the hospital and was deeply touched by his story. Tammy Fink, the transplant coordinator at Billinson Hospital, spoke about her personal connection to the situation as the mother of a fighter in Gaza. She emphasized the unique bond between mothers in such difficult situations.

Moshe Samo, Jonathan’s father, praised his son’s selfless acts of giving, both in his service as a soldier and through the donation of his organs. Professors Dan Arabot and Yaron Barak, who were involved in the heart transplant procedure, spoke about the profound significance of this transplant in the context of Israel’s history and the sacrifices made by Jonathan. Dr. Ben Ben Avraham, who treated the heart transplant recipient, Jacob Malka, emphasized the immense generosity and impact of Jonathan’s organ donation.

Jacob Malka, the heart transplant recipient, expressed his mixed emotions about receiving the heart of a fallen soldier, but also the immense gratitude for the life it has given him. The meeting with the family of Tehilah Tespiya, a baby who received Jonathan’s liver lobe, highlighted the impact of his donation on the lives of others. Tehilah’s mother expressed her gratitude and joy for her daughter’s renewed health, and the late Jonathan’s mother spoke about finding strength in knowing that his donation saved others.

The meeting at the Schneider Pediatric Center, as well as the subsequent thankfulness expressed by the medical staff, underscored the immeasurable impact of Jonathan’s gift of life. The sense of gratitude and hope was palpable throughout the emotional meetings, as both families and medical professionals expressed their appreciation and acknowledged the new lease on life that Jonathan’s organ donations provided.

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