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The EU’s Response to Artificial Intelligence’s Selection of Children and Customers


Nov 21, 2023

The EU is finalizing a new law on artificial intelligence that has sparked controversy due to the potential applications of AI, such as creating pornographic content, providing instructions for building weapons, and other dangerous behaviors. This has led to heated debates in the public and political arenas, particularly in Brussels where negotiations are taking place between the EU Parliament and the EU Council.

The issue of control over AI, particularly programs like Chat GPT, is a major concern for negotiators. There is a need for clear rules for programmers, data providers, and users of AI in order to ensure accountability and safety. The EU is taking a lead in crafting comprehensive regulations for AI, contrasting with the loose framework of regulations in the USA and China.

Facial recognition and other uses of AI raise concerns about privacy and civil liberties, as they can lead to increased surveillance and potential discrimination. Questions about responsibility and data control are at the forefront of negotiations, as lawmakers seek to establish rules that protect citizens from the potential negative impacts of AI.

The potential applications and ethical implications of AI have prompted a wide-ranging discussion among experts and the public, with questions about the future of cryptocurrency and investment in the emerging digital market.

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