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The Face of Mental Health in D Magazine


Feb 10, 2024

Awstin Gregg’s journey from working an entry-level position at a psychiatric hospital as a UNT student to founding one of Texas’ largest privately owned behavioral health services providers was a long one. He started his career with compassion and intention, falling in love with the work as a psychology student at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. He progressed through different positions over seven years, eventually becoming the CEO of the same hospital. In 2018, he formed Connections Wellness Group, which has become a success story.

Gregg believes that the focus of his business should be on the team first, encouraging and supporting those who support others. The company’s culture is key, and their approach to employee satisfaction has not gone unnoticed. Connections Wellness Group has won numerous awards and is accredited to serve adolescent patients within the program. The organization has created several hundred jobs and treated hundreds of thousands of people across Texas and the U.S.

“We are in the service industry, so the best way to take care of our patients is to take care of our team,” he says. “Adding to the number of lives we touch and we serve—there is no greater purpose for us.”

Leaving the community, state, and even the world a better place is something close to Gregg’s heart, and in the space of mental health, he is contributing to this goal in an undeniable way.

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