The First Ever ‘Jumanji’ Themed Land Debuts in Chessington, England – Variety

Chessington World of Adventures in the UK has unveiled the world’s first Jumanji-themed land. The attraction is the largest single investment made by the company and features three new rides and immersive experiences that showcase Chessington’s history. The World of Jumanji is home to the Mandrill Mayhem, the world’s first winged launch shuttle roller coaster. The ride flips riders over at 42 mph as they navigate jungle hazards while sitting on the arm of a mandrill. The Jumanji land also includes the Ostrich Stampede vehicle and the Mamba Strike ride, where guests are swept skyward before plummeting in a circle.

The World of Jumanji also features the Eye of the Jaguar gem, which guests can discover to break a curse and save Jumanji as part of the adventure series. Visitors can also enjoy other show-themed activities and grab Jumanji-themed cupcakes from a new refreshment stand. The Chessington Safari Hotel has renovated many rooms, providing six rooms inspired by Jumanji for guests to experience.

The new land is the first since Chessington owner Merlin Entertainment entered an exclusivity deal with Sony-owned Columbia Pictures Location-Based Entertainment, which licensed Jumanji to the theme park. The attraction is open to the public and promises to offer an unparalleled adventure experience.

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