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The five essential factors to understand Argentina’s future after Milei’s win


Nov 21, 2023

The victory of Javier Milei in the Latin America political board in Argentina has had a significant impact on the country. Defeating the current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, with 55.69% of the votes, Milei’s election has sparked major changes in the political landscape.

One of the first decisions that President-elect Javier Milei has confirmed is the reduction of ministries in the Argentine Cabinet. This reduction will see the number of ministries go from 19 to 8 by the month of December.

Milei has also announced some key appointments, including Mariano Cúneo Libarona as the head of the Justice ministry and Carolina Píparo as the director of the National Social Security Administration.

The new president will face a challenging political landscape, with only 38 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 7 of the 72 senators. This means that Milei will have to navigate a complex web of opposing factions to enact his policies.

Milei’s victory has also been seen as part of a wider trend in Latin America, with leftist governments giving way to a more liberal wave. This has sparked debates and analyses on the potential impact of Milei’s presidency on the socio-economic landscape of Argentina.

Overall, Milei’s victory marks the beginning of an unprecedented socio-economic experiment in a democratic regime. As he embarks on his presidency, the world will be watching to see how his policies will shape the future of Argentina.

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