The focus of Boris Johnson’s trip to Dallas was the world’s upcoming prospects.

The world is currently facing multiple crises, but none are as urgent as Russia’s defeat in Ukraine. The fate of the Ukrainian people will determine the fate of democratic rule and national self-determination globally. This was the message shared by Boris Johnson, former British Prime Minister, during a luncheon in Dallas that included Senator John Cornyn, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and former NATO Ambassador. Other influential figures, such as former President George W. Bush and Gov. Greg Abbott, have also expressed their support for Ukraine’s cause.

There are concerns about tensions between isolationists and Russian-appeasing conservatives who may advocate for the United States to withdraw from this important mission. The world needs the US to continue being the primary defender of democracy, even if these roles prove to be difficult but necessary in fighting for freedom. Boris Johnson’s message highlights the importance of supporting Ukraine not only for the Ukrainian people’s welfare but also for the global freedom of all nations.

Johnson raised the question of how conservatives, who champion sovereignty, could support the loss of democracy and liberty in a European country like Ukraine. The soul of conservatism, he asserts, lies in freedom from the control of the state. Ukraine is currently in the midst of an existential crisis, where a loss to Russia will signify the world’s domination by other powerful nations. However, a win will declare that free nations will not tolerate it. The fate of Ukraine foreshadows the future of the world, and America cannot lose heart or interest in this war.

In conclusion, the fate of Ukraine is a wakeup call for the world to defend democracy, freedom, and national sovereignty. It is imperative to continue supporting Ukrainian people and their democratic cause, not only for their welfare but also for the welfare of the world.

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