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The foods that should be combined and eaten together to build strength in body and mind during war


Nov 21, 2023

We already know that it is good to eat fruit with almonds to slow down sugar absorption, but what about other food combinations? Eating carrots with nuts is important as vitamin A from carrots is absorbed in the presence of fat. This vitamin is crucial for the immune system and helps prevent viruses from entering the body. Thus, snacking on carrots with nuts or almonds is a good idea.

Combining tomato sauce with olive oil enhances absorption of lycopene, an important antioxidant found in tomatoes. Lycopene is more available to the body when combined with fat. Adding a teaspoon of olive oil to your pasta sauce not only enhances the taste but also maximizes the absorption of lycopene.

Yellow cheese toast with red pepper is a beneficial combination as red pepper contains a high amount of vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of calcium from food. Since yellow cheeses are high in calcium, adding red pepper to the toast helps increase the absorption of calcium into the body.

A vegetable omelette with spinach is another important combination as both vegetables and spinach contain lutein, an antioxidant crucial for eye health. The fat in the egg yolk is necessary for the absorption of lutein. However, it is important not to add yellow cheeses to the omelette as spinach contains a substance that absorbs minerals such as iron and calcium and does not allow them to be absorbed properly by the body.

In conclusion, combining certain foods enhances nutrient absorption and the benefits they provide to the body.

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