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The Government’s Overinflated Budget for 2024 Fails to Address Citizens’ Issues – Lerotić


Nov 20, 2023

Independent MP Marin Lerotić announced on Monday that he will not support the state budget for 2024. He believes that the budget is inflated and does not address the problems faced by citizens. Instead, he plans to submit about 20 amendments worth 200 million euros to address his concerns.

The debate on the state budget for 2024 is currently on the agenda in Parliament. With the next year being a super-election year, Lerotić views the budget as a super-election year budget. The budget plans for a record deficit of four billion euros, accumulating a loss of 11 million euros daily. Revenues from the planned budget are expected to grow by three percent, while expenditures are set to increase by 11 percent.

Lerotić expressed concern about the state’s inability to reduce the planned deficit, as well as the growing debt problems in health care. He criticized the knowledge and ability of the line ministry to address the accumulated problems in healthcare, stating it is a “bottomless hole.”

Lerotić pointed out a 70 percent increase in expenditures for employees in the public sector, as well as decreases in the budget for the Ministry of Economy. He stressed the importance of a strong and modern education, which he believes should be a priority for the government.

In response to the shouting of Ustasha salutes in Vukovar, Lerotić criticized the state’s failure to promptly react. He believes that more should be done to punish and condemn inappropriate behavior. He also proposed amendments to address issues such as housing, violence prevention, student transportation, and construction of school and sports facilities. Lerotić hopes the government will accept these developmental and reasonable opposition amendments.

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