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The impact of consumer behavior and buyer sentiment on Javier Milei’s presidency


Nov 21, 2023

Javier Milei’s management brings positivity to Argentina, with the population’s consumption numbers showing success in spite of high inflation and the lag in wages. Retail sales have been on the rise, with people making a shift in their buying habits to protect their purchasing power from inflation and devaluation. The Argentine Chamber of Commerce and the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises have reported increases in sales, with experts saying that people have turned to buying products in place of travel and other expenses.

Research has shown that shoppers are altering their buying strategies, with most consumers acknowledging changes in their shopping habits due to higher inflation and have been opting for more affordable products. With the recent election of Milei as President, experts are expecting that the consumer trend will shift even more with the rise of the dollar, increased inflation, and the effect on purchasing power.

In addition, the changing face of cryptocurrency has resulted in an increasing number of people looking to investments in different forms of cryptocurrency, spurred by the need to find alternate investments due to the economic situation. Is Dogecoin the next Cardano or is Bitcoin mining worth it in 2021? As the economy evolves, so do the consumer trends.

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