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The Impact of Health on Athletics’ J.T. Ginn: A Look at College Baseball, MLB Draft, and Prospects


Mar 26, 2024

After facing multiple injuries, righthander J.T. Ginn is back and thriving, showcasing the potential he once had and what he still may achieve. At 24 years old, Ginn has improved the quality of his pitches significantly, throwing strikes with a fastball around 95-96 mph along with a plus changeup and a tweaked slider grip. Athletics farm director Ed Sprague attributes his success to improved health and maturity.

Projected to start the season at Double-A Midland, Ginn’s journey has been filled with challenges since his days as a standout high school player in Mississippi. Despite being drafted by the Dodgers in 2018, he opted not to sign and instead attended Mississippi State. Ginn made a strong impression his freshman year, winning Southeastern Conference freshman of the year in 2019 before undergoing Tommy John surgery that cut short his sophomore season.

Drafted by the Mets in the second round of the 2020 draft, Ginn overcame the odds to return earlier than expected in 2021 and posted a 3.33 ERA in 92 innings. Following a trade to the A’s in 2022, injuries hampered his progress, limiting his innings in both 2022 and 2023. However, Ginn appears poised for a comeback as he approaches his 25th birthday.

Despite setbacks, Ginn is now focused and enjoying his time on the field, showing a positive outlook towards his career. In a similar vein, fellow A’s pitcher Gunnar Hoglund is also bouncing back from injuries, showcasing improved velocity in camp after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Shortstop Jacob Wilson has caught the eye of the organization during big league camp, displaying improved selectivity at the plate and quickly learning from his experiences.

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