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The Impact of Sherri Tynes on Women’s History


Apr 3, 2024

Sherri Tynes, the only woman being inducted into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame this year, has had an impressive career in sports. With four-time Mid-Eastern Coach of the Year awards, head coaching the North Carolina East/West All-Star Game, and winning the first North Carolina High School State Championship in fast pitch softball, Tynes has made a remarkable mark in the sports world. In addition to being inducted into the Airport High School Sports Hall of Fame and the Laney High School Sports Hall of Fame, Tynes continues to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle through various forms of exercise.

Growing up, Tynes was always involved in sports as her father encouraged her to participate in athletics. She played basketball, volleyball, and track in high school, and continued to play basketball in college at East Tennessee State. After college, Tynes pursued a coaching career, starting in college basketball before transitioning to coaching high school sports. She coached various sports, including men’s and women’s golf, women’s basketball, and fast and slow-pitch softball, achieving a remarkable 423-189 record over the course of her high school coaching career.

Even though basketball initially led Tynes to Laney High School, she embraced the opportunity to coach multiple sports based on the school’s needs. Along the way, she received incredible support from administrators, assistant coaches, student-athletes, and parents, all of whom played a role in her success. Tynes credits the support she received throughout her career for her accomplishments and the positive impact she made on the lives of those she coached.

As an advocate for fitness and physical health, Tynes continues to pursue her passion for exercise even in retirement. Her dedication to sports and coaching has earned her a well-deserved place in the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame, where she will be honored on May 19. Tynes’ legacy as a coach and mentor has solidified her reputation as a local legend, with a lasting impact on the sports community in Wilmington.

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