The Impact of Stress on the Success of College Students

The latest Student Voice survey conducted by People Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse has revealed that reducing stress is the top health goal for students. The survey, which ran from April to early this month, involved 3,000 students from leading two- and four-year colleges and universities across the country. Three out of four students reported that stress negatively impacted their ability to concentrate, learn, and perform well in school. Exams were revealed to be the most popular academic aspect that causes stress among students.

The survey also asked students about their expectations of the topic and who they felt was responsible for helping them cope with stress and mental health issues. Forty percent of students believed that professors should play a role in reducing stress, with 45 percent saying that other than campus counselors, professors must help students with mental health issues. The initial findings of the survey also raised concerns about whether students are adequately engaging with mental health services. While most students knew where to go for help on campus during a mental health crisis, just 60 percent of students who felt that their mental health was poor in college used health services.

Half of the students said their physical health and well-being had a small or significant negative impact on their academic success. Two-year college students made up a larger proportion of respondents (57 percent) than four-year college students (48 percent). Reducing stress was again cited as the top health goal for students.

The survey results indicate that students expect professors to take action in reducing stress and assisting with mental health issues. Further research and analysis on the survey will be carried out in the future.

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