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The impact of the Iranian general’s assassination in Syria


Apr 2, 2024

Iranian brigadier general Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who died in an attack in the Syrian capital, is known as the “brain” behind commanding three crucial fronts for Tehran. He was a top commander for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on fronts in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine before his death in the attack that also killed six others.

Brigadier General Zahedi, 64, was a key figure in the IRGC, leading activities in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. His influence went beyond the roles of a military advisor, and he played a significant role in supporting the Palestinian people and coordinating activities in the region.

Zahedi’s meeting with his deputies and representatives of Palestinian armed groups in Syria was targeted in the attack, which Iranian officials blamed on an Israeli F-35 fighter jet firing missiles. Zahedi’s role as a liaison between Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria and Lebanon made him a crucial figure in the region.

After joining the IRGC in 1980, Zahedi played important roles in supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon and President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria during the civil war. He was targeted by the US Treasury Department in 2010 for his involvement with Syrian intelligence and Hezbollah.

Following the death of General Qassem Soleimani, Zahedi inherited his legacy on the Syrian and Lebanese fronts, acting as a bridge between Iran’s allies in the region. Israeli intelligence considers him more influential than General Esmail Qaani, who succeeded Soleimani, due to his deeper knowledge of the region and languages.

Zahedi’s death is seen as a significant loss for the IRGC and its operations in Syria and Lebanon, as he played a crucial role in coordinating activities and support for Iran’s allies in the region. Israeli accusations against him of planning attacks in Israel highlight the tensions between the two countries in the region.

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