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The Importance of Linking Your Personal Account to Uber for Business: A Guide for Users


Sep 18, 2023

Many of us travel regularly for both personal and business reasons, and it can sometimes be challenging to distinguish between the two types of trips. With the growing trend of mixed travel, where trips serve both leisure and business purposes, this differentiation becomes even more challenging. The risk of claiming personal expenses on a business card or vice versa can create confusion and inconvenience. This is where Uber for Business comes in to solve these issues. By creating a business profile with Uber, you can unlock additional benefits that make it easier to separate your personal and business expenses while traveling. This includes the convenience of using Uber for both transportation and dining during your vacations, while ensuring that your expenses are properly categorized.

One of the key benefits of a business profile with Uber is Uber Business Comfort. This exclusive ride option is available only to eligible business travelers whose profiles are linked to companies that have opted into Uber for Business. Uber Business Comfort offers priority pickup in select cities (excluding airports), newer vehicles, more time with your driver, and a customizable ride experience, including temperature settings. Additionally, Uber Reserve allows you to pre-schedule rides in selected markets up to 90 days in advance, providing peace of mind and eliminating wait times.

Moreover, by having a business profile with Uber, you can earn 6% Uber Cash on eligible member rides, which can be used for personal rides or Uber Eats orders upon your return home. The interface of the app makes it seamless to switch between personal and business profiles, avoiding any complications or the need to constantly log in and out. Uber for Business also integrates directly with expense management software providers like SAP Concur, simplifying the process of syncing your travel expenses with your company’s expense tools.

In addition to these benefits, Uber users can enjoy existing perks such as earning Uber Cash through American Express cards or Marriott Bonvoy points when linking their Uber and Bonvoy accounts. By adding your business card to your business profile, you can start earning Uber Cash for personal travel and keep your personal and business expenses separate.

Setting up a business profile with Uber is a straightforward process. You can start by clicking a link provided or accessing the Uber app and following the steps outlined. If your organization already has an Uber for Business account, you can enjoy the specific benefits offered. If not, you can continue building your business profile to take advantage of the platform’s features.

Overall, Uber for Business aims to simplify and enhance business travel experiences by providing a user-friendly interface, integrated benefits, and the ability to enjoy existing perks. By linking your personal account to Uber for Business, you can maximize the benefits and convenience the platform offers.

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