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The influence of the economy on career choices for Gen Z


Sep 15, 2023

Members of Generation Z are entering various fields, including healthcare, with different expectations and perspectives compared to previous generations. They have a clear approach to career growth and are breaking away from the traditional idea of the American Dream, as reported by Fortune on September 14th. Ziad Ahmed, the founder and CEO of Generation Z consulting firm JUV Consulting, expressed that the previous notion of having limited time for learning, leading, and achieving success is no longer acceptable to Gen Z. They want to learn, be leaders, and live fulfilling lives simultaneously, and anyone who suggests otherwise will be criticized.

This shift in perspective can be attributed to several factors. Financial concerns, such as growing levels of debt and a lack of confidence in the ability to retire, play a role. Additionally, more Gen Zers are living paycheck to paycheck, as seen from data in March. Furthermore, many in this generation are highly interested in the societal impact of their future employers. Understanding the values and mindset of Gen Z is crucial for companies seeking to fill entry-level roles, particularly in industries that align with their values. Ellen, the managing director of Weinreb Group Sustainability Recruiting, emphasized the importance of grasping this understanding during her speech at the Fortune Impact Initiative conference.

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