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The Journal Reports: Federal Drug Prosecutor Observed Offering Business Card to Police in DUI Crash Arrest, Recorded on Body Cam


Sep 8, 2023

A federal narcotics prosecutor named Joseph Ruddy was arrested after a hit-and-run incident. When police arrived at his house to investigate, Ruddy appeared extremely drunk and had trouble standing. He tried to hand the officers his U.S. Justice Department business card, seemingly attempting to use his position to avoid consequences for the crash. Despite being charged, Ruddy remained on the job for two months. However, after the Associated Press inquired about Ruddy’s status, he was removed from his supervisory role and is now under investigation by the Office of Inspector General. Legal ethics experts believe he may have been trying to use his office for personal gain. Ruddy was charged with driving under the influence with property damage and his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. He has not been charged with leaving the scene of the accident. Ruddy is known for his work on Operation Panama Express, a task force targeting cocaine smuggling at sea. The majority of cases handled by Ruddy’s office involve low-level cocaine traffickers, many of whom are poor fishermen from Central and South America. Research has shown that the median sentence for smugglers prosecuted in Tampa is longer than any other court in the country. Recently, Ruddy appeared in court to ratify a plea deal in a separate drug trafficking case while still facing charges in his own case. Witnesses described the hit-and-run incident, and police found Ruddy intoxicated and unable to walk without help when they arrived at his home.

Note: The article has been condensed and paraphrased for improved readability.

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