The largest aircraft carrier in the world arrives in Oslo for NATO exercises.

The USS Gerald R. Ford, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, is currently onboard NATO forces amidst rising tensions between NATO and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. As a demonstration of the strong relationship between the United States and Norway, the American ship has docked in Oslo, marking the first visit of its kind. The Norwegian military has announced that it will hold exercises with Norwegian forces along the country’s coastline in the coming days. The Norwegian Joint Command, the military’s operational command center, described the visit as an important signal of collective defense and deterrence.

According to Norwegian media sources, the aircraft carrier will be sailing north of the Arctic Circle, although the Norwegian Department spokesman Johnny Carlsen refused to comment on the reports. However, the Russian embassy in Oslo has condemned the ship’s visit, stating that there are no issues in the Arctic region that require external military intervention. The embassy went on to criticize what it sees as a “show of power,” arguing that such actions are illogical and harmful.

Norway borders Russia in the Arctic and is currently Europe’s largest supplier of natural gas. Norwegian forces, alongside NATO allies, have been patrolling oil and gas platforms in the region since last year, following an explosion on the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Gwladys Fouche, who oversees news coverage from Norway for Thomson Reuters, reported on the ship’s visit, underscoring the nation’s close relationship with the United States and its role in NATO.

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