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The Mega-Metro: Unleashing the Economic Potential of the San Antonio-Austin Area


Sep 3, 2023

The Tesla Giga Texas manufacturing “Cyber Rodeo” grand opening party on April 7, 2022 in Austin, Texas was accompanied by a stunning fireworks display that illuminated the facility. The event marked the inauguration of a “gigafactory” spanning the size of 100 professional soccer fields and drew a large crowd of electric car enthusiasts. While the event was newsworthy, economic development leaders in the San Antonio-Austin mega-metro region believe that the concept of this thriving area is not new. The proximity to two major talent centers has been a selling point for attracting high-dollar business deals for at least a decade.

Cities in the mega-region, such as San Marcos and New Braunfels, have witnessed significant growth and have successfully attracted high-value businesses. San Marcos, in particular, has experienced a population boom and has been able to leverage its location between San Antonio and Austin to entice businesses. Economic development professionals find that the job of attracting businesses has become easier due to major investments by companies like Samsung, Apple, Toyota, and Tesla in the region.

For cities like New Braunfels, being considered a suburb of San Antonio has not hindered their approach to economic development. Economic development director Jeff Jewell highlights the fact that developers view the mega-region as one market, regardless of governance aspects. The investment by companies like Tesla and Samsung has brought massive expansion and development to cities like New Braunfels, and the economic benefits have trickled down to other areas along the I-35 corridor.

Cities are using incentives to attract businesses, and the influx of companies like Tesla has shifted the leverage towards smaller cities in the mega-metro. They no longer have to solely rely on larger cities for economic growth. The Tesla deal in Kyle, for example, has brought credibility to the city and has caught the attention of other companies considering investments in the area. With the growing influx of businesses, cities are also facing concerns about maintaining their small-town charm and preserving their unique identities amidst rapid development.

Communities within the mega-metro face the challenge of finding a balance between growth and preserving their heritage. These cities and towns are aware that they have distinct characteristics and appeal to different residents and tourists. New Braunfels, for instance, has its own identity as a tourist town and aims to maintain its distinct atmosphere. While growth and change are necessary, there is an understanding that each community within the mega-metro has its own individuality that contributes to the overall appeal of the region.

Overall, the economic development and growth in the mega-metro region have been significant, with major investments from renowned companies. Smaller cities are gaining more visibility and have the opportunity to shape their identity within the broader mega-metro landscape. The challenge lies in maintaining the balance between growth and preserving the unique characteristics that make each city special.

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