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The Mistake a Former Amazon Recruiter Sees on Many Résumés


Feb 13, 2024

In a recent interview with CNBC Make It, Lindsay Mustain, a former Comcast and Amazon recruiter and current CEO of Talent Paradigm, discussed a common mistake she sees in both junior and senior employee resumes: writing vague statements. Mustain compared these statements to what she’d expect to hear at a Miss America pageant, stating that they don’t effectively highlight the applicant’s accomplishments. She gave an example of a vague statement as, “I had stakeholder meetings with people,” and explained that these types of responses make a resume look like a simple job description.

Mustain encourages quantifying accomplishments in resumes, suggesting that using numbers to back up how an individual has helped a company move forward is more effective. She emphasized that the more metrics and analytics an applicant can add to their resume, the more impressive it will be to recruiters who are sifting through thousands of applications.

Eugene Hayden, who has experience working at Google, KPMG, and the Boston Consulting Group, has also noticed this issue in resumes. After reviewing over 800 resumes to help individuals who were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hayden found that 86% of those resumes lacked quantifiable achievements. He emphasizes that hiring managers and recruiters are seeking candidates who are perfectly suited for the job and can achieve goals, evaluate their personal impact, and showcase how they are qualified for the position they are applying to.

Both Mustain and Hayden agree that resumes that focus on quantifiable achievements are more effective and stand out to recruiters who are seeking candidates that can clearly demonstrate their value and impact in previous roles.

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