• Tue. May 28th, 2024

The NFL has the potential to enhance schedule-release week with additional activities


May 15, 2024

The excitement for the 2024 NFL season is building as six out of the 272 games have already been announced. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of the full schedule, which is expected to happen soon after a wave of leaks and rumors. This event will be a major focus in the sports world, despite the NFL not starting games for several more months and with other leagues already in action.

To generate even more excitement and attention, a simple idea has been proposed to stagger the release of the remaining games over the course of a week. By unveiling the Sunday night games first, followed by Monday night games, then Thursday night games, and speciality games such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the NFL can dominate the sports news cycle for five days. This approach would prolong the anticipation and discussion around the schedule, creating a buzz that lasts beyond just a single day.

The suggestion to slowly release the schedule is a way to keep fans engaged and interested in the NFL for an extended period of time. By capitalizing on this idea and drawing attention away from other sports leagues, the NFL can solidify its position as a dominant force in the sports world. It is a simple yet effective strategy that can generate more revenue and increase the league’s popularity.

Ultimately, this proposal is a way for the NFL to further enhance the excitement surrounding the upcoming season and engage fans in a creative manner. By implementing this approach, the NFL can create a major event out of the schedule release, extending the anticipation and generating significant buzz within the sports community.


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