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The price of the new BYD Seal electric sedan decreased


Mar 26, 2024

BYD, a Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles (EV), has announced a new version of its Seal electric sedan with a starting price of 179,800 yuan (around 23,000 euros). This price is 5.3 percent lower than its predecessor, according to calculations by “Reuters.” In addition to this pricing update, BYD has confirmed its entry into the Greek passenger car market with the launch of two models, continuing its expansion efforts in Europe.

The Chinese automaker BYD has been making significant strides in the EV market, surpassing American Tesla in electric vehicle sales in the last quarter of 2023. During this period, BYD reported selling 525,409 electric vehicles, which was more than the 484,507 units sold by Tesla. This achievement solidifies BYD’s position as a key player in the electric vehicle industry.

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