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The process of personal growth


Feb 13, 2024

Auni Bumann, a man, increases in height as his bones lengthen. The growth of long bones, including the femur and tibia in the legs and the 24 vertebrae in the back and neck, significantly affects height. Bone growth occurs within these bones, with growth cartilage located between the main part of the bone and the shaft in children. New bone cells are produced within this cartilage, pushing the head and shaft of the bone further apart and gradually elongating the bones. Although individual bone growth is minimal, the collective growth of all bones in children results in noticeable changes that can be measured annually.

Babies experience the most rapid growth, with a newborn typically measuring about 50 centimeters long. During the first year, they grow an average of 25 centimeters, followed by 12 centimeters in the second year. Subsequently, children gain about 6 centimeters of height per year until they reach puberty. The onset of puberty leads to a growth spurt, occurring around the ages of 12 to 15, during which girls commonly grow an average of 25 centimeters and boys 29 centimeters. Following this growth spurt, the growth cartilage of the bones atrophies, signaling the end of further height increases. Matt Hero, a specialist in pediatrics at Helsinki University Central Hospital, provided this information.

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