The ranking of coaches sees Kirk Ferencz of CBS Sports drop lower.

When it comes to the Iowa Hawkeyes, Kirk Ferenc has built a reputation for consistent success. Throughout his tenure, he has won more games than he has lost, a trend that has only become more evident in recent years. Since 2015, Ferenc has led the team to eight wins each season (with 2020 being an exception due to COVID-19), surpassing the 10-win mark three times. In total, Ferenc and Iowa have gone 71-30 since 2015 and won four bowls.

Despite such success, CBS Sports recently ranked Ferenc 30th in their 2023 Power 5 Coach Ranking, a drop of 17 places from 2021. However, some voters, including the author of the piece, are puzzled by this ranking. In their eyes, Ferenc has consistently delivered results, neither improving nor declining significantly in recent years.

Interestingly, CBS Sports ranked Nebraska’s new head coach, Matt Rule, three places higher than Ferenc, despite the fact that he hasn’t even made a single play call yet. The author suggests that, regardless of personal opinions, there are very few Power 5 coaches who have proven themselves to be better than Ferenc when considering factors like recent stats, year-over-year stats, or NFL talent development.

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