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The Rise of Sports Gambling Addiction in Our Society


Apr 3, 2024

Gambling revenue has become an essential source of income for leagues and team owners as traditional revenue streams, like TV deals, are declining due to cord-cutting and a lack of interest from younger generations. Gambling has helped to generate more interest in games and leagues that may not have been as popular otherwise. In fact, the NFL alone makes $132 million per year from gambling sponsorships, a significant increase from previous years.

Despite the benefits of gambling revenue, there are concerns about the potential negative impact of widespread sports betting. The American Gaming Association president downplays the idea that gambling addiction is becoming a more significant issue, attributing any rise in addiction to better identification of at-risk bettors within the industry.

While sports betting scandals involving athletes are not new, there is growing concern about the broader societal implications of the widespread acceptance of sports gambling. Addiction, bankruptcy, and societal breakdown are potential consequences of unchecked sports betting. Despite these concerns, politicians and sports leagues continue to embrace sports betting without acknowledging or addressing the potential negative impacts.

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