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The Rising Cancer Rates in Iowa: Examining the State’s Health Crisis


Mar 26, 2024

A recent report challenges the prevailing theories about the rising cancer rates in Iowa, attributing them not to farm chemicals but to binge drinking. The report, conducted by the Iowa Cancer Registry, reveals that Iowa has the fastest-growing incidence of cancer among U.S. states. This has sparked a debate among experts as critics, including health professionals, question the focus on alcohol consumption while pointing to the extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers in farming.

The state’s agricultural practices, such as heavy pesticide use and large-scale livestock farming, are now under scrutiny for their potential role in the rising cancer rates. James Merchant, former dean of the University of Iowa College of Public Health, expressed doubt about alcohol being solely responsible for the increase in cancer incidence since 2014.

Iowa’s cancer rates have been on the rise, with the state now ranking second only to Kentucky in the United States for its cancer incidence. There has been a notable uptick in cases since 2015, prompting further investigation into environmental exposures as a significant contributing factor. Given the state’s heavy use of agricultural chemicals, there is growing concern about their impact on public health.

In contrast to the Iowa report, European researchers have uncovered new evidence linking popular weed-killing products to cancer at levels currently considered safe. This adds to the mounting concerns about the potential health risks associated with agricultural chemicals and their impact on cancer rates.

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