The Roaring Fork School Board Set to Reassess Health Curriculum and Discuss 2024 Budget at Wednesday Meeting

The Roaring Fork District School Board has scheduled its second regular meeting this month on Wednesday, which will be held in Carbondale. Two key topics that will be discussed are the adoption of a new student health curriculum and the Medwood housing project in Carbondale. Both issues will be voted on during the meeting.

The proposed curriculum aims to provide students with an opportunity to expand their physical and personal health, social and emotional health, and prevention and risk management. It is gender-diverse and inclusive of LGBTQ+ students. The curriculum also focuses on sex education and has attracted the attention of several community members since it was first submitted last month. During a discussion of the proposal on May 9, Director of Student and Family Services Anna Cole shared a draft scope and sequence detailing the lessons that will be taught to students at each age group.

The Medwood housing project is aimed at supporting the district’s teachers and staff. It plans to add 50 units to the existing 124 units near Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale. The project is expected to cost the district approximately $26 million.

Other agenda items for the meeting include hearings on the 2023-24 district budget and 2023 family survey results. Public comments will be made via community opportunities, and those wishing to speak on the student health curriculum can register for public comment on the district’s website. The meeting is scheduled to begin on Wednesday at 6:15 pm at the Carbondale District Office at 400 Sopris Street.

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