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The significance of these Euro qualification results for Croatia


Nov 20, 2023

After tonight’s matches, three new Euro participants from Germany emerged. Slovenia beat Kazakhstan 2-1, the Czech Republic beat Moldova 3-0, and the defending champions, Italy, drew with Ukraine 0-0. The Slovenians and Czechs finished in the third “hat,” while Serbia is locked in the fourth.

Italy is waiting for the development of the match between the “fiery” and Armenia. Italy goes to Serbia in the fourth “hat,” unless Croatia loses to Armenia or if they fail to qualify for the Euros in Germany. The Italians can only move to the third “hat” if Croatia loses to Armenia or if Croatia draws with Armenia, with Wales winning over Turkey, while Croatia remains in the third “hat” if they beat Armenia (in that case, they can also enter the second) or draw with Armenia, with the Turks avoiding defeat in Wales. It’s certain that Italy and Croatia cannot end up in the same “hat,” so they may end up in the same group at the Euro.

The night’s results also confirmed that England will be in the first “hat,” Albania and Denmark in the second, and the Netherlands in the third. One of the trefoil Finland-Ukraine-Iceland goes to “Path A.” If Wales qualifies ahead of the “fiery ones,” Croatia will play against Estonia, and the Poles will go lower, facing Finland, Ukraine, or Iceland. Playoff pairs (projected): Path A, Put B, Put C.

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