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The Similar Challenges of Flying a Plane and Sports


Nov 21, 2023

Stephen Willis admires Richie McCaw for his leadership, captaincy of the All Blacks, and his presence both on and off the field. Willis himself is a captain on and off the pitch, not only leading his team in rugby sevens matches but also as a pilot of 34 and 15-seater commercial aircraft, as well as smaller corporate jets.

While flying and rugby may seem unrelated, Willis sees parallels between leading his teams and flying. He loves the challenge of facing different situations every day in both endeavors and the responsibility that comes with being a captain. Willis admits to being passionate on the rugby pitch, which has led to a few yellow cards and time in the sin-bin.

It comes as no surprise that Willis looks up to Richie McCaw, given their shared passions for leadership and flying. McCaw’s leadership, captaincy of the All Blacks, and his presence on and off the field have inspired Willis, just as McCaw’s transition to becoming a pilot himself has.

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