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The Special Device that Assists War Wounded: A Journey from NASA to the Rehabilitation Department


Nov 20, 2023

Professor Isabella Schwartz, the director of the rehabilitation department at the hospital, discussed the benefits of a new device recently imported from the USA. The device allows for incredible therapeutic options and has been shown to help patients with leg injuries recover much faster than traditional methods.

The device, developed at NASA, was purchased at Hadassah Mount Scopus with a donation from Hadassah International Israel. It is the first of its kind in Jerusalem and offers protection for the patient from all sides, leading their steps on a walking path. This gradual approach allows for a more efficient and correct rehabilitation process.

The device has been shown to be effective in the rehabilitation of various types of injuries that lead to a limitation or prevention of walking, such as muscle weakness or balance problems. It has also been used to rehabilitate various sports injuries, with athletes from teams like Real Madrid and top-class tennis players using it for their recovery.

A patient named Dvir, who was injured in the leg, spoke about the benefits of the device in his rehabilitation process, expressing excitement about feeling like he was walking normally again while using the device. Professor Schwartz praised Dvir’s determination and the inspiration he provides to everyone around him.

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