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The Swedish Urban Legend of a Car that the Finns Could Bring to Life


Feb 13, 2024

The organizer of the E-Car Expo, Europe’s largest electric car event, believes that electric cars should be built en masse in Finland. Gunnar Dackevall, the Swedish organizer, has toured the Nordic countries with his fairs and will bring the event to Finland next year. Dackevall sees the potential for Finns to help electrify the bankrupt Saab brand.

Saab went bankrupt in 2011, and a company named Nevs, specializing in electric cars, rose from its ruins. However, Nevs announced last spring that it was going into “hibernation” and leaving Saab’s iconic Trollhättan factory. The future of the company’s electric car, the Emily, is uncertain.

Dackevall believes that Finland, particularly the Valmet Automotive’s car factory in Uusikaupunki, could be a potential location for building an “electric Saab.” Despite the lack of concrete plans for manufacturing in Finland, Dackevall thinks it’s important to publicly discuss the fate of Euro brands in the electric car industry.

He emphasizes the importance of electric cars, especially as the trade for electric cars is slowing down in the Nordic countries. Dackevall believes that pricing and interest rates are key factors in the electrification of passenger car traffic and encourages Finland to follow Denmark’s example in adopting electric cars.

As the negotiations for the E-Car Expo in Helsinki are in progress, the event may provide a platform for discussing the future of electric cars and potential collaborations for their production. And while the fate of the “electric Saab” project is still uncertain, there is potential for its production in Finland.

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